Want to use coral reef monitoring as your next service learning project? We’re happy to help! Coral Reef Monitoring doesn’t have to be used only for science class, we can help adapt coral reef monitoring for other class subjects.


This is a great way to explore our island’s marine environment while learning more about its importance at the same time! It makes snorkeling an exciting adventure and can make you feel more comfortable in the water. You don’t even have buy your own snorkel gear! Snorkel gear and activity equipment is always provided for use on site. Get a chance to connect with a marine biologist and start gaining some real work experience now! All participants under 18 must have their guardian fill out a liability release form. Click the link below for more information.

Service Learning Project: Coral Reef Monitoring

Science Sunday

We’ve added Science Sunday to our service learning activities.  Students that attend Science Sunday can write or produce a video reflection of what they learned and their reaction to Science Sunday talks and share with us.  Below is an example of one student’s reflection:

Reflection from 9th Grade Okkodo Student:

“On November 20, 2016, there was a presentation about snails and how they are endangered.  It was hosted at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center.  The presentation started around 2pm and ended around 3 some.  Going to the presentation helped me by learning about snails and why they are important.

There are are three snails that are native to Guam.  The snails are Partula gilebra, Partula radiolata, and the Samoana fragilis.  These snails are very unique because first they are from Guam, second they are becoming extinct, and third they help Guam’s forests.  All three snails are really important to save because they are part of a larger system that was a vibrant island ecosystem.

There are many ways to prevent snails from being extinct.  One way is to protect their natural habitats and make other people aware.  The way I would spread this important presentation to my classmates and the community is to tell the people who makes the announcement every day.  All of this will make a great impact on Guam and for the snails.  My favorite part of the presentation was when Mr. Curt was telling the audience why he is doing this for a living.”

Any there any parts that were hard to understand?  Explain.

No, because Mr. Curt explained everything clearly and made it easy for young adults.

What are your suggestions to improve audience’s understanding of the topic?

Mr. Curt should have included of a video of himself helping the snails.


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