Field Guide & Datasheets

Refresh your memory often.   Test your species skills and keep them sharp by reviewing the field guide when you’re not in the water.   Get to know your datasheets – this will help you collect data more efficiently.  To make it a little easier, we broke it down by category.


Benthic Cover: Algae & Substrate

Benthic Cover: Corals


Just a Tip: Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Focus your efforts on Genus rather than specific species names – especially for corals.


Benthic Datasheet

Macroinvertebrate Datasheet

For a quicker upload and to see datasheets and field guide in one place, click this link: Datasheets & Field Guide
Did you know?  We color-code benthic cover fields to match the Benthic Field Guide for algae.



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