Science Sunday: Coral genetics on Guam?

It’s time for another great Science Sunday! Check it out this weekend on Nov. 18 at 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center.  Dr. Sarah Lemer is this month’s guest speaker. Get a preview of this Science Sunday here.  How does coral genetics research help with reef conservation? Watch this video to find out.

Guam has experienced mass coral bleaching over the past five years from high water temperatures. Though many corals died from these bleaching events, some corals survived. Dr. Sarah Lemer, an evolutionary biologist, seeks to find out which genes in these surviving corals make them resilient to bleaching. Dr. Lemer is a member of Guam’s EPSCoR research team at the University of Guam. 

Science Sunday is free and open to the public. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis. No pre-registration required.

Science Sunday_Nov. 18, 2018


Oct. 21: Science Sunday at 2pm

Science Sunday
October 21,2018 –  2pm
at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center

 Cruz and CIS team celebrate the passing Plastic Bag Ban bill by distributing reusable bags at Payless Supermarkets. Courtesy of P. Cruz.

Have you heard about the Center for Island Sustainability (CIS)? Phillip Cruz, University of Guam’s (UOG) Sustainability Coordinator, will share their mission and how they work with our community to live more sustainably. From recycling to composting, Cruz and the CIS team work with students, local businesses, and many others to be better stewards of Guam’s natural environment.

This event is free and open to the public. No pre-registration needed. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis.  For more info, email or call 333-4050.

Science Sunday_October 17, 2018v2

Sept. 16: Join us for Science Sunday

We hope you all made it through Typhoon Mangkhut safely and wish you a smooth recovery as we return back to normal. We are happy to announce that this month’s Science Sunday will go on as scheduled on Sunday, Sept. 16 at 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center.

Vince (center, throwing the shaka) and crew working in Pagan, one of the northern Marianas islands. Photo courtesy of Pangelinan. 

This month’s guest speaker is Vince Pangelinan. Vince is a young fisherman from the village of Yigo. Currently, he works with the NOAA Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center’s Biosampling Program to study life history of Guam reef and bottom fish. This Sunday, Vince will share his exciting experience from a recent scientific cruise to the Northern Marianas Islands while aboard the NOAA Oscar Sette Research Vessel. In addition, Vince represented Guam at two fishing competitions earlier this year in Hawaii and another in Yap for the 2018 Micro Games.  Hear some stories from his fishing adventures this Sunday. We are excited to feature a variety of perspectives, knowledge, and relationships people have with our reefs, our ocean, and our environment. Science Sunday is free and open to the public. No pre-registration is required. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

For more information, email or call 333-4050.

Science Sunday_September 16, 2018



Science Sunday on August 19

Join us for Science Sunday on August 19 at 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Sumay.

This month we get a special update on Guam’s coral reefs from David Burdick, a coral biologist at the University of Guam’s Marine Laboratory. He leads the Guam Long-term Monitoring Program and is part of Guam’s Reef Response Team. Chances are you’re familiar with his work if you’ve seen presentations or photos of Guam’s coral reefs. David is the host of Check it out! With recent coral bleaching events among other reef stressors, a harsh reality for coral reefs is already in motion. Despite grim outlooks, all around the world resource managers and communities are working together to take action so our reefs can thrive, instead of just survive. The first step is to understand current issues facing our reefs, so we can decide how to collectively protect our coral reefs. We look forward to the great questions and interesting discussion. We hope you can make it!

Science Sunday is free and open to the public. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis. No pre-registration is required. Email or call 646-1905 or 333-4050 for more information.

Science Sunday_August 19, 2018

April 7: Coral Reef Monitoring Training

We’re kicking off monitoring season with Coral Reef Monitoring Training this Saturday, April 7 from 9am-12pm at Tepungan Beach Park in Piti. Learn about basic coral ecology, threats to Guam’s coral reefs, and ways people are trying to help protect our reefs. Get hands-on experience with an introduction to reef monitoring survey methods that help us track the health of Guam’s reef flat areas. Once we get in the water, participants will get to know the area with marine species ID session and practice survey methods learned on land.  Click here to sign up for this free training.

Need service learning hours? This event will earn you 3 service learning hours with an opportunity to earn additional hours when you participate in future Monitoring Events. Participants under 18 must have parent/ guardian sign a liability release form. Participants under 14 must be accompanied by parent or other trusted adult. Forms will be available on site on the day of event. Share this link with your teacher for approval:

Don’t forget it’s Guam Year of the Reef! Become a member of our team and show your love for Guam’s reefs. April 7 training flyer_v2


Upcoming Events: Feb. 17 & 18

Saturday, February 17 – Snorkel Intro for Adults

Coral reef monitoring is our main snorkeling-based activity. This Saturday, we’re taking a step back to offer an opportunity to those who have always been interested in snorkeling, but are still a bit nervous about snorkeling at the beach. Sometimes it just takes some practice and review of basic water safety to boost your confidence (and comfort) in the water!

Join this free snorkel introduction from 2-4pm at the Agana Pool. We’ll go over water safety basics and review snorkeling gear, such as fitting your mask and swimming with fins. A Dive Master and lifeguard will lead and assist participants to build up those skills that just need a bit of practice before heading to the beach.  Ages 14 and up may participate. Participants under 18 must have their parent/guardian fill out our liability release form. Forms will be available on site at class. Click here to sign up for this class.

Snorkel_Feb2018 (1)


Sunday, February 18  – Science Sunday

Join us for Science Sunday – 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Sumay.  Bob Bevacqua, professor of agriculture at UOG, will talk about the significance of breadfruit, or lemai in the Chamorro language. Learn more about its origins of lemai, its nutrional value, varied preparations, and more.  Though this Science Sunday’s focus will be on  Asan Ridge and our watersheds,  our island is connected from ridge to reef. Culturally significant trees in our watersheds benefits both our communities and our reefs.  This event is hosted by GCCRMP and the National Park Service. The event is free and open to the public. No registration required; seats available on a first come, first served basis. Hope to see you there!

Science Sunday_February 18

Upcoming Events in April

April is Earth Month!  We have a few upcoming events that you can participate to show your love for our island home:

  • Coral Reef Monitoring Training – Saturday, April 8 -2:30-5:30pm,  Merizo
    • Learn how to do coral reef monitoring surveys in this single session to learn about basic coral ecology, threats to Guam’s reefs, and how we can make a difference.  Learn and practice 2 survey methods that help track reef health.
    • Meet near Merizo basketball court and parking lot next to white building (Merizo Recreational Center)
  • Kayak Tours in Merizo – Tuesday, April 11 – 9am-11am
    • Go on a kayak tour to explore and learn about mangrove forests in Merizo.  See flyer for details.

kayak tour activity flyer.png

  • Science Sunday – Sunday, April 23rd and April 30th, 2:00pm, T. Stell Newman Visitor Center
    • That’s right!  Two Science Sundays in one month.  Visit our site for updates on featured topics and guest speakers.