Coral Reef Monitoring Training

Interested in conservation on Guam? Enjoy going to the beach? Then join us for Coral Reef Monitoring Training on Saturday, June 22 from 9am-12pm! This free training will be at the Tepungan Beach Park – or the beach park next to the Fish Eye Marine Park in Piti. This is a great way to learn more about Guam’s reefs, some of the challenges facing our reefs, and a fun way to learn how you can protect them! In the water, we’ll get to try out two types of snorkel-based surveys and identify different marine species that live in our waters.

Don’t have your own snorkel gear? We can provide snorkel gear for your to borrow, such as masks & snorkels, life jackets, and a limited number of tabbies/reef shoes. All participants must will out a liability release form. Participants under 18 must have their parent/guardian fill out form. Participants under 14 must be accompanied by their parent or other trusted adult.

Click here to sign up and reserve your spot at this free training! We look forward to seeing you there! For more info, call 646-1905 or email

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Summer Interns: Where are they now?

Thinking about applying for a summer internship with FOR Guam? Here’s what former summer intern, Brittany Tominez had to say:

brittany 2019.jpg
Brittany removing invasive plant species for recent internship with Ala Wai Watershed Association in Oahu, HI.

“As a recent graduate from Chaminade University of Honolulu with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Biology, my current endeavor is to make the best out of this Mosaics in Science summer internship with the National Park Service (NPS) when I return home. After this summer, my future career endeavor is to get a job continuing to restore ecosystems that have been degraded by human activities. My ultimate life goal is to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I am so grateful to have spent past two summers learning and applying restoration methods (algal removal) on a near shore coral reef community in Merizo. Through my experiences, I have discovered my passion in ecosystem restoration. In addition, the knowledge that I have gained has helped me to apply concepts I have learned in school AND helped me to get ahead in upper division classes that dealt with ecosystems and environmental issues.
My advice to those interested in this internship is to be open-minded and work hard.
  • Always be ready to adapt and work through unexpected obstacles (like forgetting the quadrat).
  • Always put in 110% when working on your project. For example, it is important to log as much information as possible just in case you need to return back to your notes for missing data. By working hard, you begin to start preparing yourself for when you get a job in this particular field (which I find is very helpful).”

Apply for our 2019 Summer Internship

Summer is almost here! Looking for something to do this summer? Apply for our summer internship program (unpaid). We’re excited to announce we will host two interns with Friends of Reefs (FOR) Guam this summer.

2015 Summer Interns’ focused their work on seagrass beds of  Piti Bomb Holes Marine Preserve. Photo by NOAA.

Why should you apply? You won’t be stuck inside all day – you’ll get to spend a lot of time out in the water to complete field work and learn about Guam’s coral reefs. You’ll get hands-on training to conduct reef monitoring and reef restoration, network with local marine biologists and reef managers, and much more. You’ll work with a partner to complete an internship project guided and supported by FOR Guam coordinators.

We’re looking for motivated college students or adults who want to explore career opportunities in the marine conservation. This is a chance to try something different if you have been interested in marine science or just coral reef conservation for Guam. The internship is a short duration of four weeks includes completion of training, field work, compose vlogs (video logs) or blogs to capture your experience. Interns will work together to compile and analyze data and prepare a presentation on their summer intern project.

This summer, our interns will resume reef restoration techniques and reef monitoring tested by our 2018 summer interns. Algal removal is an activity FOR Guam wants to explore to boost reef restoration in Guam’s reefs flats. FOR Guam coordinators will work with interns to further test these methods that can inform the design of community activities that promote healthier reefs on Guam. Click here to apply!

Applications are due by Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 5pm (ChST). Email applications to or drop them to the NOAA Fisheries Guam Field Office. Call 646-1905 or email to arrange application pick-up or drop-off or for more information.

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March 17: Science Sunday with Anthony Tornito

Biba Mes CHamoru! Celebrate CHamoru month. Usually, Science Sunday is focused on coral reefs and the marine environment. As Taotao Tano, or people of the land, we take this Science Sunday into Guam’s  watersheds, coastal areas, and limestone forests. The loss of native birds have impacted Guam’s culture and ecology. Birds provide seed dispersal services, which contributes to healthy forests. With healthier watersheds and forests, we can contribute to healthy coral reefs too! In the end, our land and sea are connected.

Guam’s native bird population went through a major decline due to the introduction of the Brown treesnake on Guam. However, snake suppression, or population control measures of Brown treesnakes, is one part of reviving Guam’s native bird population. Learn about Guam native birds and their CHamoru names here.

As Guam’s native birds start to make their comeback, we will soon hear the birds sing once more. Anthony Tornito, a biologist with Guam Department of Agriculture, will share native bird recovery efforts on Guam. He’ll talk about Brown treesnake control methods, the threat of invasive species, and native bird recovery success stories. We hope to see you for Science Sunday – 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Sumay.

Science Sunday_March 17, 2019

Feb. 17: Science Sunday with Christine Fejeran

Join us for Science Sunday this weekend! Sunday, February 17 at 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Sumay. This month we feature Christine Fejeran, Cooperative Fire Program Manager, with Guam Dept. of Agriculture’s Forestry Division. Christine and her team want to hear from all of you – our island community! It’s all about Wildfire Preparedness and Community-driven Action. But wait, what does wildfire preparedness have to do with coral reefs? Wildfires that burn on our hills means that we have less trees and plants to absorb rainwater. And when it rains, a lot of that bare soil washes into our rivers and eventually out to our reefs.

wildland fire_volunteer photo
Wildfires harm our communities and our environment.   Photo courtesy of C. Fejeran.

Learn more about erosion impacts to Guam’s reefs and how our community can help here.

Guam Forestry and partners will discuss and share ideas with attendees to develop a strong and effective day of action for our various community groups from schools, civic groups, community centers, villages, to the greater island populace.  The time for proactive change is now by taking responsibility for our risks and preventing catastrophic wildfires. Here’s your chance to ask questions.

We hope to see you there! Learn more about the Guam Forestry Team and their work to protect our island’s resources and our communities. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram (@guamforestry).

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Jan. 26: A Day at the Reef

Have you seen the B(REEF)LY Ours exhibit at the Guam Museum?! It’s an amazing way to see the beauty of Guam’s coral reefs without getting wet. You also learn about different ways they are being harmed, such as sedimentation and coral bleaching.  Scientific tools and other cool interactive objects are perfect for kids to interactive with the exhibit.

If you haven’t seen the exhibit yet, this weekend is the perfect time to check it out! Ha’anen Familia program will feature A Day at the Reef on Saturday, January 26 from 10am to 12pm at the Guam Museum. Free family fun with games, arts and crafts, a touch tank to see marine animals up close…and free admission to the B(reef)ly Ours exhibit. So whether it’s your first or fourth, make sure to stop to learn more about Guam’s coral reefs and ways you can get involved in protecting them for future generations.

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