March 17: Science Sunday with Anthony Tornito

Biba Mes CHamoru! Celebrate CHamoru month. Usually, Science Sunday is focused on coral reefs and the marine environment. As Taotao Tano, or people of the land, we take this Science Sunday into Guam’s  watersheds, coastal areas, and limestone forests. The loss of native birds have impacted Guam’s culture and ecology. Birds provide seed dispersal services, which contributes to healthy forests. With healthier watersheds and forests, we can contribute to healthy coral reefs too! In the end, our land and sea are connected.

Guam’s native bird population went through a major decline due to the introduction of the Brown treesnake on Guam. However, snake suppression, or population control measures of Brown treesnakes, is one part of reviving Guam’s native bird population. Learn about Guam native birds and their CHamoru names here.

As Guam’s native birds start to make their comeback, we will soon hear the birds sing once more. Anthony Tornito, a biologist with Guam Department of Agriculture, will share native bird recovery efforts on Guam. He’ll talk about Brown treesnake control methods, the threat of invasive species, and native bird recovery success stories. We hope to see you for Science Sunday – 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Sumay.

Science Sunday_March 17, 2019


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