December 17: Green Roofs on Guam?

Take a break from Christmas shopping and enjoy some quality family/friend time this Science Sunday on December 17, 2pm at the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center. From our ocean’s coral reefs to the top of our watersheds, we cover everything in between.  This Science Sunday’s guest speaker is Lieve Dierckx, a passionate student who hails from Switzerland, to talk about green roofs.

What is a “green roof?” Green roofs are essentially plants and vegetation grown on rooftops that can help with stormwater management and to promote “green areas” in urban spaces that absorb carbon dioxide.  There are many benefits of green roofs, but also challenges that need to be considered when designing green roofs for Guam’s environment.

Join us this Sunday, December 17th to learn about Lieve’s current green roof pilot project with the University of Guam’s Center for Island Sustainability as well as the passion and creativity that’s involved.


Science Sunday_December 17, 2017


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