Coral reef monitoring to start in March 2017

As Guam’s waters begin to calm, we will begin class and in-water training sessions for the community in March 2017.  See the schedule below for the best times for you to learn how to do coral reef monitoring.


TRAINING:  All training sessions are FREE.  We provide masks and snorkels and life jackets for participants to borrow during training and data collection events.During class training, participants will discuss basic coral ecology, threats to Guam’s reefs, how people are trying to manage these threats, and two survey methods used to track the health of our in-water site.  All participants must sign a Liability Release form.  Media release form is optional.  Participants under 18 must bring liability release form signed by parent/legal guardian to participate in any in-water activities.  If participants are 13 or under, they must be accompanied by parent or other trusted adult to training sessions.

DATA COLLECTION:  Once you’ve completed training, you will be a member of the Guam Community Coral Reef Monitoring (GCCRMP) team.  We will have more data collection events as we move into April and May. IMG_0059.JPG

The more data you and others collect, the more we can share with our larger island community.  You can help spread awareness of how Guam’s coral reefs are doing.  If you live near a beach or have beach site that’s important to you, connect with us to find out if the GCCRMP team can help you start monitoring the health of your important site.

When you participate in training and help collect data, your love of Guam’s waters will grow even more.   We always find interesting sea creatures, share stories of different experiences in Guam’s oceans, and collect data together.  We hope you join the team in 2017!  For those that are already members, you’re welcome to refresh your skills at training and even share your experiences and tips with new members.


Click here to sign up for one class, one in-water, or our Combo Training.


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