Join EOR Marianas this weekend!

Don’t have time during the week to join our EOR sessions?  Join us for one (or both) of our training sessions.

Class Training:  Learn how to identify coral bleaching, how to report it online at, and practice your assessment skills.  Class Training at MDA has no in-water component.

Field Session:   See coral bleaching first-hand!  That way you’ll what to look out for when you’re in the water for future reports.   Snorkel tours are led by marine biologists to identify and talk about the coral bleaching and other reef impacts in the area.  Participants should bring their own snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, and fins).  No snorkel gear?  Contact us so you can reserve a set of a snorkel gear.  Life jackets are also available to borrow.  Class training is not required to participate.

Click here to sign up for class training or field sessions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All participants must sign a liability release form.  Forms will also be available on site.  If under 18, participants form must be signed by parent or legal guardian.  If under 14, participant must be accompanied by trusted adult and have form signed by parent/legal guardian.

EOR training _Aug 20 and 21


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