July 17: Science Sunday

It’s amazing to think what a hot spot the Marianas have become for exploration, since it’s home to the Marianas Trench – the deepest point of the world’s oceans.  People from around the world are astounded by the life found in some of the deepest parts of our oceans.

As we’ve seen with the NOAA Okeanos Explorer, the technology that enables scientists and other people from around the world to follow along on the cruises makes this exploration so exciting too!

Sticking to our deep sea exploration theme we’ve had all summer, Carlie Wiener and David Wotherspoon of the Schmidt Ocean Institute will talk about the Research Vessel Falkor and it’s deep-sea cruises.  Learn about what’s in store for their upcoming cruise in Marianas later this year.  The audience will have a chance to ask questions and talk with the scientists at Science Sunday.

This event is free and open to the public.  No pre-registration for this event.  Bring family and friends, learn, and enjo

Science Sunday_July17 2016




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