Join us March 19 for Human-Use Monitoring

Living on Guam, we’re surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.  So naturally,  island living also means recreational activities to explore, experience, and enjoy the water – like snorkeling, diving, and using water crafts.  With a thriving tourist industry, many of our island’s visitors come here to enjoy the ocean and experience these recreational activities too.  And all these activities impact our coral reef in positive ways – showcasing our island’s beautiful marine environment, but also in negative ways – like breaking coral.

On Saturday, March 19, GCCRMP will host a field activity to pilot its Human-Use Monitoring program activity.

March 19_Human-Use Monitoring

Currently, our efforts are focused on coral reef monitoring – collecting data through biological monitoring methods.  Human-use monitoring is another activity that’s easy for people to do, and still provides good information that can be used by local reef managers.  In time, we will be able to compare biological data and information from human-use monitoring.  Together, these data can help us make clear connections between human activities and how they impact our coral reefs and reef health.

We hope you’re able to join us!  Sign up here.  There’s no-water activity for this training.






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